Why use Instagram Analytics to Boost Your Business?

Once you sign up to promote your brand or business on Instagram, it's better to do it in the right way to get the most relevant results.

Instagram analytics is the key to getting the most out of your business account, giving you essential information to take control of your market share and turn followers into followers.

What is this free tool?

These are the metrics and performance metrics that measure your posts. Instagram analytics tools help you discover useful insights about your pages and track the progress of your campaigns.

You can access your data in one of two ways. Via native Insights tools or using third-party applications. The former is always the best because it keeps all your information safe and inside.

You don't want to give your password to a third-party website and wake up one day with a hacked account. But to use Insights on Instagram, you just need to have a business or creator account.

Understanding Instagram analytics is only the first step in the process. You need to be able to use this data to your advantage and move your business in the right direction.

How to understand these metrics

It's important to understand the data you already have. Check out statistics such as growth rates over the past few months.
How many new followers do yougain every month? How many fans did you lose during that time? This is a great way to see how your business has grown over time.
In addition to your follower count, you should also know your engagement rate. This is the percentage of people who interacted with your post.

Here's a simple formula that lets you calculate it:

[Metrics you want to measure / Number of subscribers at the time of publication] x 100. This gives us the rate in percentage.

In summary

Analytics can lead to different ways to improve your Instagram page. The first method is to simply change the publish time based on the insights.

By analyzing your audience, you can see the best times to post to give your content the right exposure. You can also adjust your marketing strategy based on the demographics you discover.

If your audience is more than 70% male, you need to ask yourself if it's better to sell women's clothing. Or maybe you're selling to a specific category of men.

Overall, you can choose campaigns targeting audiences you already own, or create new ones from scratch.

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