How to leverage Instagram's "Explore" feature for your business?

Instagram has turned into a world of its own, with multiple functionalities to expand your business and allow you to spend more quality time on the app. While the Explore tab is the first point some Instagram users head to, others don't know what it means.

This guide breaks down the details of this Instagram feature and explains why you should use it to reach millions of users.

What's in the Explore tab?

The page content is accompanied by some form of organization and further categorization.

Places, tags, user accounts and suggestions, this feature arrived in 2018 and has been helping to provide personalized content ever since.

How the Explore tab impacts your business?

The algorithm does most of the work, which implies a certain method in its operation. Reputable research and experiments show that it uses a process that is mapped differently for each user.

When users like or interact with your post, it increases the chances of your content to appear in their Explore tab or that of their followers. So the more users show interest in your posts, the more Explore tabs your brand is likely to appear in.

Why do you need to learn about your audience?

As we previously mentioned, the Explore tab relies on relevant and popular content. And if you know what your followers are interested in, you're more likely to create popular content.

This insight can only come from the experience and study of your followers, which allows you to identify patterns. Check your stats and see how your posts are performing. These metrics and insights will help you know your audience and what they like.

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