How can you use your Instagram to attract new customers?

Instagram pages are the window through which everyone sees your company, you should know that by now. The platform is more commercial than its counterparts. So, as an entrepreneur, you have to build an instant traction with your profile.

This starts with a business-like personality in your Instagram feed. What would you do next? Simple: build your own page and content to market your brand or business. But be inventive, unique, strategic and experimental with it.

Your profile should speak for itself and let people know who you are and what you represent, even before they see your content.

To accomplish this feat, we've put together the following points :

Use specific terms to attract your buyers to your site

Instead of just having username, there is another way to craft a masterful Instagram account and bring in new customers.

Why not include a keyword to say more about your products or services?

Keywords, like hashtags, add context to your content. Find those that pertain to your business and let them do the marketing for you.

Have a high quality profile picture

The process of attracting people starts with an image that reflects who you are. Clearly, creatively, in very good quality, and visible on all types of devices.

You may not know who is checking out your profile at any given time, but you can definitely get a new customer. And it could be simply because of having the perfect profile picture.

This section of your profile requires some personality, tell them what your business does and what you have to provide. Of course, it can be your business logo.

Create a call to action to your company link

One more essential point to get new customers who would like to learn what you have available or what your current offers are.

There is no need to ask this in your DM, just drop the url or link to your website or offers in your bio. This way, it makes it easy for the purchasers to click and check what you have in stock.

Yes, it's a must to take benefit of the website field in your profile, to send new buyers exactly where you want them. Add an impactful CTA next to your link.

Use your description to improve targeting

It's like giving a brief description of who you are and what you do. Make good usage of it to attract new eyes.

Targeted keywords let people know about your niche or industry, in a fraction of a second. People today have a very short attention span, so you need to make a better initial impression to prevent our eyes from turning away.

Therefore, use relevant keywords that people search for when looking for people, content or products in your sector.

So whatever niche you are in, you need to use the right keywords to describe yourself. You need to be unique, specific and compelling about it.

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