Best tips to use for brand visibility on Instagram

Looking for safe ways to boost your brand's exposure? With the right approaches, you can quickly expose your brand to potential customers and/or clients.

The truth is, though, there are plenty of brands struggling to be seen on Instagram. You don't have to slack off in your quest to get your brand out there.

You can still maximize both ROI and sales volume. Your brand will get a facelift as you expand your reach to meet your targeted audiences.

So let's get to it... the top 7 proven tips to make your brand exceptional enough to get the awareness it needs on a challenging platform like Instagram.

Fill in the bio of your profile

Fill in the spaces provided with your brand description as you see fit, accompanying it with interactive elements if necessary.

Let your target audience learn about your brand, detailing more about your business or brand's reputation and image.

Don't forget to include your brand's hashtag; it will be unique to your brand, so your target audience will have no trouble accessing your account via that particular hashtag.

Branded profile picture

Did you know that people click on your page just by seeing your profile picture? That's how curious a lot of people are.

The idea is to capitalize on their interest and draw them in by visually highlighting your brand's values or services. This all comes down to your brand logo, so you need a great designer.

Be consistent with your brand's logo and identity, as this will allow people to recognize your brand every time it appears on their screen. Over time, followers will instantly remember your business whenever they see the logo

Take advantage of Instagram Advertising

Ads work wonderfully when you want to impact more people on the app, instantly giving your brand more visibility. They expand your coverage so that your brand can feature in more feeds. The Instagram Ads functionality will help you to achieve this goal seamlessly.

So, create some awareness and promote your brand with any of the ad formats available on the platform. You can opt for story or video ads.

You should always make sure that your brand is consistent in all your ad campaigns. This doesn't mean you have to be set in stone.

This will increase your brand's reach and awareness, especially if you use the right content, captions, calls to action (CTA ) and hashtags. Let your potential customers know who you are and what they should do when they arrive on your Instagram page.

Optimize the location tags

The location tag is a great feature in Instagram that will help you increase exposure for your brand. Whether it's posts in the main feed or stories, it's a way to make it simple for the residents of your location to find your brand.

Increase the value of your brand

If you want your brand to be more prominent than your competitors, you have to create more value than they do. People only get hooked on personalities and valuable ideas.

So, if you want your brand to be more recognizable, you need to educate your potential customers more. Post some valuable information about your brand, product/service or niche on your page.

Let them know how valuable your brand is to all of them and how it can be useful to them in different ways. In other terms, to get their interest, make your brand inspirational.

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