Best marketing tips to beat your competitors on Instagram

Are you doing everything right? Is your traffic at its peak? Are there similar stores doing better than you?

Or maybe you're not engaging your customers enough. Do you think there are areas you can improve?

If you're one of Instagram's 1 billion active users, you won't need much convincing about the power of the marketing tool the social network has become. But if you're new to the network, here's your answer:

- There are over 30 million business profiles on Instagram.

- Over 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business page. 

- Each user spends an average of 74 minutes per day on Instagram.

So why should you be left out? Instagram is the perfect platform to market your products, engage your established customers, and reach out to new potential customers.

The trouble is, most people are also aware of it. So how can your business stand out amidst the abundance of ads and businesses that inundate users almost daily?

Today we're going to answer that question, showing you exactly how to implement some marketing tricks, turning a bunch of users into a stong fan base.

Establish a marketing schedule

In business, the best prepared opponent almost always wins. A well-organized schedule can give you the edge you need over your competitors.

It gives structure and perspective to your marketing campaign, helping you to organize your flows in an orderly and focused manner.

Build an efficient profile

Creating an Instagram account is easy enough. Building a compelling profile, on the other hand, takes some effort. A profile that creates a vibrant perception of what you do, at first look.

In order to do this, be familiar with the Instagram app environment, the algorithm and the integrated features that can help you get good exposure.

Develop collaborations and partnerships

Business is a cooperative venture. While competition is high, e-marketing still provides many opportunities for strategic partnerships that can be mutually beneficial to all parties.

Improve your content

Great content can still end up generating minimal engagement if you don't properly optimize it for the Instagram app interface and relevant algorithms.

Each social platform has specific built-in algorithms and metrics for consistency and optimal user experience. To get the best results, you need to identify these specifications and adapt your content accordingly. 

Final comments

The business area can quickly turn into a battlefield. If you don't prepare, you can be sure your competitors do.

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